An Easy way to make Lashes Curl all Day Long – The appearance of your face will be even more perfect with curled and volume lashes. Curly lashes will also make you look fresher.

An Easy way to make Lashes Curl all Day Long

It takes more effort to get a good lash curl. The problem is that it is rather difficult to maintain curl throughout the day.

To get curvy lashes that last all day, there are a number of easy and quick tricks you can do, as reported by PT Sung Shim International.

  1. The warm clamp trick

Maybe this is the trick that you are most familiar with the guarantee of extraordinary results. All you need is an eyelash curler and a hairdryer. Before curling your lashes with curls, heat them a little with a hairdryer.

The heat will hold the curl of your lashes. The tongs should be thoroughly heated. Don’t get too hot because it can burn your lashes. Heat the clamp again when moving to the other eye.

  1. Tricks section

Usually when you use the curler on your lashes, you will pump the curler a few times. But often not all parts of the lashes curl well. You can do parts. For example, starting with the middle and then the tip of the eye lashes. This way, your lashes will be perfectly curved all over.

  1. Vaseline tricks

The following method not only gives curly lashes but also sparkles. Apply vaseline all over the lashes and then pinch them using tweezers. The moisture that Vaseline provides helps to hold curl in your lashes. It also makes lashes look better.

  1. The spoon trick

This trick needs to be done to be careful so as not to damage the eyes. All you need is a spoon and a large mirror. Become a savior for those of you who don’t have an eyelash curler. Turn the spoon upside down so that the inner side faces down. Push the lashes into the protruding area using your forefinger and thumb to hold the lashes for a few seconds.

Maybe that’s all the information we can convey to all of you, hopefully the information above can be useful for all of you. Visit the Eyelashes Manufacturer Indonesia website to get a variety of other interesting information.