Know the Nail Art Concept – It’s not just fashion styles and hair that change. The sundries from the nails, starting from the shape to the nail polish patterns, have also changed from time to time until now. Guess, guess you already know what is the style and what people really want to make their nails beautiful?

Giving color to nails can be embellished with nail art. Armed with some nail polish patterns and special tools, many consider this method difficult. Meanwhile, you can do it yourself. when imitating a concept that is easy to put into practice.

Know the Nail Art Concept

There are several styles and concepts of nail art that are recommended for you. It is suitable to be accompanied if at this time you need an idea before making a decision to color your nails. This next concept is also recommended by many reliable manucurists, you know. Know the Nail Art Concept

  1. Modern French

The classic and traditional French nail concept is very timeless. There are still many who always enjoy this concept. But nowadays there are many who try to be modern French so that it is not saturated. There really isn’t very much change. It seems that the part of the crescent moon is not changing, which is generally only placed at the top, base, or base of the nail.

As extra information, this nail concept is not only used for every day. This nail art is also widely used for runaway forms. Not confused if the conclusion is that many women are curious and participate in trying it.

  1. Polka dotted simplicity

It has been guessed from the name that this nail art is about to link polka dots. However, there are not many polka dots in the style that once existed. There will only be one small circle placed on the nail. Therefore the name is polka dotted simplicity.

In fact, to make this one concept, you don’t have to go to the salon. You can do it at home because it is quite easy. This nail style is predicted to be very popular in the spring this year.

  1. Transparent

Not all styles and nail art that will be stylish in 2020 are bold. In fact, you can also use transparent nail polish. This style is considered very attractive because it can share clean opinions and fresh nails. This nail art also suits the various outfits that are worn because it seems neutral. The right option makes the unsure of yourself feel obliged to color your nails in a very striking and eye-catching pattern.

  1. Matte

Saturated with a very shiny nail polish? For now, let’s try a matte finish. Quiet, not wanting to make nails look creased and abnormal. In fact, this is to provide a sexy and prestigious opinion. If you are really worried about wearing a matte nail polish all over your nails, you can mix it up with a metallic nail polish. The mixture is also suitable for anyone with any skin complexion.

  1. Neutral Pattern

You don’t want to use a transparent one because it doesn’t seem like using nail polish? Just try using a neutral tone. Nowadays, there are many nail polish brands that produce nail polish with a fair and smooth complexion. Not sure what to do between white, dark and brown? Surely not. You can sort out using the subtle pastel hues. Choose a pattern that matches your skin tone too, huh.

Well, how the concept of nail art above is very interesting, not hopefully the tips from the eyelashes manufacturer Indonesia, hopefully it will be of use to you, hopefully good luck.