Mistakes in using mascara – Mascara is a make-up that can make the eyes pop up and look fresh. By using mascara, the lashes are not only tapering but also look thicker. But, it turns out that there are still many women who are wrong in using mascara. Let’s take a peek at the mistakes in wearing mascara that you need to avoid!

Mistakes in using mascara

Lashes that are thick and curved are beautiful. To get it, usually many use layers of mascara. Whereas putting wet mascara on top of dry mascara only makes your lashes look ‘fake’ and lumpy Mistakes in using mascara.

Not a few women take mascara by increasing and decreasing the existing brush. Even though this method is wrong, you know. By increasing and decreasing the mascara means that you are letting the air into the mascara and it will dry out quickly. So, instead of using that method, you better rotate the brush in the mascara, if the product that is on the brush is excessive you can reduce it by removing it on the cap of the bottle.

Surely many of you curl your lashes after using mascara, right? This method turns out to be wrong, you know. By curling your lashes after using mascara, your lashes don’t become curled but fall out. You don’t want it, right?

Many apply mascara only on the tip of the lashes. Turns out this is wrong, you know. If you only wear mascara on the ends, your lashes will look lumpy. So, use mascara from the roots.

If your mascara is more than 3 months old and you are still using it, you should stop now. Mascara generally only lasts 3 months. More than that, besides drying out your mascara, it will also become a new home for germs and bacteria.

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