Selling Quality False Eyelashes – In addition to eyebrow pencil, false eyelashes are mandatory for some women. False lashes are much easier to maximize your eye make-up than using mascara. There are many types on the market, ranging from natural to pretty eye makeup like dolls.

False lashes come in all sizes and shapes and have different impressions. There are also false lashes that are recommended for certain eyelid shapes. If you want natural eye makeup that resembles real lashes, go for false lashes that are thin or light.

Selling Quality False Eyelashes

With this type, your real lashes will appear a little more voluminous, perfect for those of you who have fewer lashes. Even if it’s only used for going to college or office, your eye makeup will look more beautiful. For cuter eye makeup, it is recommended that you choose fake lashes with long hairy tails Selling Quality False Eyelashes.

If the distance between the fur is less or the distance is wide, you will get the impression of a dolly eyes look. Not only is it able to accentuate the width of your eyes, this type can also create a droopy eyes look or the impression of beautiful droopy eyes. This effect will appear if the lashes are attached slightly downward at the tail of the eyelid.

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If you visit this website, you will definitely see two fake eyelash brands available on their website, namely LUMI Beauty and MASKI Eyelashes. LUMI Beauty is the first false lashes produced by PT. Sung Shim International is with the highest technology and uses real human hair.

Meanwhile, MASKI Eyelashes are lashes produced by eyelashes manufacturer PT. Sung Shim collaborates with VIKA (famous for nailjam in Korea) with suitable lashes for Asian women who are looking for a natural.

This eyelashe manufacturer has been producing false lashes for 20 years, which of course has had a lot of customers making false lashes at PT. This Sung Shim International. Production results will be tailored to the wishes of the customer and accompanied by production experience that is rich in knowledge about false eyelashes.

If you have the desire to make false lashes with your own designs and specifications, you can contact eyelashes manufacturer indonesia PT. Sung Shim International is ready to work with you to create the false lashes you want.