SYCA Products make Thick Lashes – SYCA is a local brand that is quite well known and has gone viral from one of its products, namely SYCA Lip Tint, which is very light in texture, does not dry out lips, makes lips look healthier and lasts long.

SYCA Products make Thick Lashes

Recently, SYCA released another new product that focuses on making the appearance of our lashes curl, thick, and long lasting. On January 29, SYCA released a mascara product, Lash Out Love, and on February 19, it launched an eyelash curler product, Lash Curler.

For those of you who want your lashes to look taper and thicker like eyelash extensions, maybe you can try the 2 newest SYCA products that we have quoted from the Eyelashes Manufacturer Indonesia website below.

  1. SYCA Lash Out Love

The mascara product issued by SYCA has 2 variants according to the final result you want. If you want thick and volume lashes, you can use the Dazzling variant, which gives the effect of more volume, thicker lashes, and doesn’t make your lashes clumpy.

If you want long and curly lashes, you can use the Darling variant, giving the effect of long, even curls, and making your eyes more vibrant. This mascara also contains Vit E and oil from arak seeds so it nourishes, strengthens and thicken lashes.

Don’t worry, this mascara is definitely waterproof and durable. The applicator is also made from a silicone brush which is very hygienic compared to other applicators from mascara. The product price is Rp.149,000.

  1. SYCA Lash Curler

To make it easier to apply mascara, definitely use an eyelash curler to make your lashes rise and curl. This SYCA Lash Curler gives instant results when you first use it to curl your lashes, the results immediately curl and lift.

The handle of the product is also very comfortable to grip, not slippery, doesn’t hurt, and the shape of the clamp can reach the lashes, and it doesn’t hurt when using it. This product is specially designed for the eyes of Indonesians and the product price is IDR 89,000.

Are you interested in these two products from SYCA? You can buy both products directly on the SYCA website or other e-commerce sites such as Shopee. Visit the website of Eyelashes Manufacturer to get various kinds of other information. I hope this helps!